Ahmed Nwayyir

Ahmed Nwayyir

M.Sc. Student in Statistics & Machine Learning


I am a M.Sc. student in Statistics & Machine Learning at Linköping University.

I worked in the past 10 years in different roles mostly dealing with data analysis in the intersection between Finance, Supply Chain and Project Control.

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  • Data Science/AI/ML/DL
  • Quantitave Finance
  • Maps and Spatial Analysis
  • Data Visualization


  • M.Sc. Statistics & Machine Learning, 2021

    Linköping University

  • B.Sc. Pollution & Environment Engineering, 2009

    Southern Technical College



Creating R Package Using Travis CI

A demo R package that contains only two functions euclidean() and dijkstra().

Text Extraction Script Using Python

A python script that parse through text and give simple stats and generate new text based on most common following words